Buchanan County Master Gardener Funding Report

Buchanan County Master Gardener
Funding Report
Funding reports are the primary way that the Master Gardener Steering
Committee learns about your projects and receives feedback, which will allow
us to improve the project funding process. These reports are an opportunity
for your committee to honestly share the successes and challenges of your project. The Buchanan County
Master Gardener Steering Committee encourages all committee members to participate in the funding
reporting process. Our goal is for these reports to play an increasingly larger role in funding decisions for
future years. If your committee fails to provide a funding report the project will be considered ineligible
to receive future funding until all reporting is in good status, as well as be denied project funding for the
next year. Please provide the Steering Committee a report that adequately reflects the time and energy
that has been invested in the project on behalf of your committee and the Buchanan County Master
Master Gardener Completing Funding Report:
Category for Submission:
____Demonstration garden
____Workshop or presentation
____Community Service
____Innovative Project
____Special Needs Audience
____Research (applied scientific methodology)
____Other (please explain)
Name of Project:
Tell a Story: Your reports are a great opportunity to communicate challenges, lessons and breakthroughs.
advantage of this opportunity to share your story. Stories are one of the most powerful tools you have to convey how a
project came together. Share a story that paints the picture of this project. We recognize that some projects do not
play out perfectly, and that is okay. Sharing the realities of your project will help, and hearing how you overcame or
were unable to overcome those challenges is great feedback and may assist other committees in similar situations.
Incorporate Numbers: Maybe you only have one stat to report on, but one is better than none.
Examples could
Children and families in attendance
Accounting of your budget
Proficiency in a certain skill
Interest level in future programming
Survey results
Volunteers involved in a project
There are many ways to include numbers in your report, and numbers can help others understand the impact your
project had on the individuals and communities involved.
Tell Us What You Learned: Share the good and/or bad you learned from this project.
Communicate any specific
changes you think will benefit a similar program in the future. Refer back to your application. You were likely asked
about community need- how did your project fulfill that need? If your project did not end up meeting that need, what
could be done differently in the future to make sure that it is met? Or, was there a new or different need identified with
this project? If so, explain. (Refer back to the category you identified for your project from your funding application).
Provide Pictures: Please include some pictures (with descriptions of their content) with your grant report.
If you
need assistance with taking photos, contact the Buchanan County Master Gardener Steering Committee/ Master
Gardener photographer. Pictures may be presented either printed or emailed to the Master Gardener Coordinator (with
picture descriptions).
Names of Active Master Gardeners and other individuals directly involved in the project
**Please identify the chair-person of your committee**:
Any questions with grant reporting may be directed to the Buchanan County Master Gardener Steering Committee
Chair Anita Miller anitapcelec@netins.net
Vice-Chair Gean Cummings cummingsgean@gmail.com
Secretary Jean Gillpatrick jeangillpatrick@yahoo.com
Master Gardener Coordinator Ashley Sherrets sherrets@iastate.edu