Hybrid courses

Hybrid courses
For those students in the online MBI program, there is a 6-credit (2-course) on-campus requirement that
is satisfied by the hybrid courses. Each summer, 11-week hybrid courses are taught in an online/oncampus format. Each course includes three to five days of intensive instruction on the OHSU campus,
allowing you to meet and work closely with faculty and other students.
All of the courses include reading (and/or other) assignments to be completed prior to arriving on
campus. These assignments will be available in Sakai at the beginning of the Pre-campus session listed
on the schedule. The on-campus portion lasts from 3 to 5 days, depending on the course. This may be
followed by further assignments or by a project to be completed in the remaining weeks, depending
on the class schedule.
Hybrid courses are available to all certificate students as well and may be of particular interest to those
who plan to continue on with the MBI program.