Chapter One Mathematics Vocabulary Words Lesson One

Chapter One
Mathematics Vocabulary Words
Lesson One
1. Place Value – the value given to a digit by its position in a number.
2. Digit- a symbol used to write numbers. The ten digits are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9.
Lesson Two
1. Period- the name given to each group of three digits on a place value chart.
2. Standard Form – the usual way of writing a number that shows only its digits, no
3. Expanded Form – the representation of a number as a sum that shows the value
of each digit.
4. Word Form – the form of a number that uses written words.
Lesson Three
1. Number Line – a line with numbers on it in order at regular intervals.
2. < - less than
3. > - greater than
4. = - equal to
Lesson Five
1. Round – to change the value of a number to one that is easier to work with. To
find the nearest value of a number based on a given place value.