Motlow State Community College

Motlow State Community College
Action Plan & Outcome Assessment Report for Institutional Effectiveness
Planning Year: July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015
Assessing Year: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
Unit: Information Technology & Administrative Services
Related Strategic Goal:
3.1 Monitor and improve the effectiveness of educational programs and services.
Action Plan #: ITCH-02
Action Plan Title: Identification of Future Mobile Applications
Desired Outcome: Identification of educational and administrative mobile applications needed by the
Description of Action Plan and Related Activities: Attend TBR’s Mobile Learning Day, other seminars,
and talk to other TBR institutions to assess the need and availability of mobile apps. Where possible,
partner with other schools to share apps and employ third parties to develop common apps. Engage
college academic and administrative offices to identify and prioritize apps.
Team Members: IT and Academic Technologies personnel.
Timeline: June 30, 2014
Est. Cost: $0
Budgeted: Choose an item.
Evidence of Success: Apps are identified, prioritized, and submitted to appropriate IT units for
development and implementation.
Complete the following when assessing a plan
Current Status: On Schedule
Describe Progress:
We continued to talk to vendors to get information on products. We talked to other schools within TBR
to assess satisfaction with products that they are/were using. We are currently evaluating a product that
IT will present to Executive staff for consideration during the next few weeks.
Two vendors presented their mobile apps to MSCC staff in 2012-13. The first did not meet the college’s
needs or timeline. The second appears to meet both and was tentatively selected. The business office is
in process of reviewing their contract. We have also been in touch with other TBR schools and the main
office to learn more about mobile apps they are using or acquiring. Various apps are in use by the TBR
schools and there is not a standard mobile app that is used system-wide.
Have met with vendors and looked at various methods for providing mobile apps.
Describe Needed Changes: [Update with needed changes for 2014-2015.]
List of Supporting Documentation: [List supporting documents and email them along with your
updated IE Plans.]
Date Last Updated: 6/15/2014