W a t e

• Committee to Reelect the President
• Instructed to find out info
• Five burglars are arrested inside the Democratic National
Committee headquarters in the Washington, D.C., Watergate
office complex
"smoking gun"
• Haldeman and Nixon discussion
• progress of the FBI's investigation especially the tracing of the source
of money found on the burglars.
• Have the CIA ask the FBI to halt its investigation of the Watergate
break-in by claiming that the break-in was a national security
• After the election
• Set for January
Trial for the burglars
• Thomas Eagleton
• Electroshock therapy
• Sargent Shriver
Election of 1972
"peace is at hand“
• Dimmed somewhat by South Vietnamese president Thieu opposition to
the agreement.
• Read about the Christmas bombing
January 28,1973
• Cease-fire agreement is signed in Paris by Henry Kissinger and
Le Duc Tho.
• Designed to get US out of Vietnam
• POW’s and MIA’s back
• We are out
• North Vietnam does not have to leave
• Kissinger gave them18 months
Watergate 5
• Trial in Jan
• Judge John Sirica
• McCord
• implicated CREEP in the burglary and the payoff for the burglars'
• Bernard Barker
• Virgilio Gonzales
• Eugenio Martinez
• James McCord
• Frank Sturgis
Investigation gets bigger
• Senate committee
• chaired by Sam Ervin
• examine Watergate and started to subpoena White House staff.
Early 1973
• Haldeman and Erlichman
• cover up
• Enlisted the aid of John Dean
April 30
Haldemann and Erlichman are asked to resign
Dean is fired
(Dean thinks he will be the scapegoat)
Nixon appoints Richardson as Attorney General
• Richardson appoints Archie Cox as special Watergate prosecutor
• Talked to Sirica
• Mentioned the burglary of Ellsburg’s shrink
• Dean v. Nixon
Dean is #1 witness
Televised hearings
• No real evidence
• Alexander Porter Butterfield talks about the tapes in the Oval
Executive Privilege
• The tapes were soon subpoenaed by both Cox and the Senate
• Cox took it to court
October of 1973
Vice President Spiro Agnew
Charge of federal income tax evasion
• Three years' probation
• Fined $10,000
• Disbarred (1974) in Maryland
• Resigned from office
• Conservative
• Liked by both parties
Gerald Ford
Yom Kippur War
• In response to 6 Day War and the failure to resolve territorial disputes
arising from the war
• War between Israel on one side and Egypt and Syria on the other side
Oil prices jump
• Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to double its oil
• US experienced gasoline shortages
• Embargo placed on countries that assisted Israel.
• The rise in oil prices began a trend of worldwide inflation and a
recession in 1974-1975.
Saturday Night Massacre
• Asked Richardson to fire Cox
• Refused and resigned
• Asked Ruckelshaus to fire Cox
• He refused and was fired
• Bork fired Cox
'I'm Not a Crook'
• "I have earned every cent. And in all of my years of public life I
have never obstructed justice,"
• "People have got to know whether or not their President is a
crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I've earned everything I've got.”
Appoints Jaworski as the new prosecutor
• Guess what he wants?
US v. Nixon
• Nixon's claim of executive privilege over the tapes was void
• Ordered him to surrender them to special prosecutor Leon Jaworski
• On July 30 he complied with the order and released the subpoenaed tapes.
Impeachment is going to happen
• Decided to resign
• Televised address on the evening of August 8,1974, he
announced he would resign effective noon on August 9
Nixon is gone
We have a new President
• He nominated Rockefeller as the new Vice-president