N99C0014 Caroline Hu 胡毓玲

N99C0014 Caroline Hu 胡毓玲
I am writing this letter to explain to you why I am trying to adopt Lego system.
I can understand why you are worried about this project.
Of course, in everyone’s
mind, Lego is just the children’s toy. However, there are the reasons why Lego can
run such a long time and be accepted not only by children but also by the adults.
More and more companies or people are caught by [?] Lego.
Lego is not only the
small brick. A small piece of Lego can bring lots of inner meaning that we don’t
expect in the beginning.
Let me [first] explain [how I got this idea] why I have this idea first.
As a
member of the engineering department, I have observed that there are some problems
in our department for a while. The colleagues are not happy, the atmosphere is not
good, and the achievement is not satisfied.
Therefore, for the goodness of our
company, we need something useful to improve the situation. That’s why I choose
Lego to give our colleagues a chance to challenge [themselves?], and I believe it can
work. These are the advantages of Lego:
For company—
1. Compared to other activities, such as training courses, compulsory holidays, it
doesn’t cost much money.
result, maybe more.
The company spends less money but has the some
2. It just needs a room for colleagues to work on, and later their works can be
It can be a point to promote our company to catch attention.
For colleagues—
1. Since we are a team to work for the company, the corporate bonding is important.
Lego is a team work, so it’s a chance for colleagues to get ice-break, communicate,
negotiate, and cooperate together.
each different thought.
It can help them share their ideas and respect
The most important is that team work can share the
process and the achievement. Besides, it will build better relationship and they
can learn good communication skills.
That also helps our colleagues when they
introduce our products to the customers.
Lego is the way let the colleagues to show their imagination.
They don’t have
to be afraid of making mistakes, then just do it. They can create anything they
like, even that’s impossible in the real life. For our department, we need the
creativity, Lego will train them to think more and challenge them to do something
different from others.
3. Through Lego, we can see the colleagues’ inner attitude and thought.
works will be the metaphor to tell us what they are thinking now, or what kinds of
the problem and pressure they are having.
It helps us to understand our
colleagues. Since we understand them more, they will feel more comfortable
and be respected. That encourages them to work for company hard and have
more ethos.
According to these advantages of Lego, I sincerely suggest our company to
use Lego to rise the morale of our department.
used Lego and got the great result.
There are some cases before that
For example, Apple Company, their
employees had Lego system last year, and then they created something new, like
iphone and ipod.
ABC House Company even offers Lego to their employees in
the company. They can use it to develop the different buildings and puts the idea
into work.
We can see ABC House Company has great results in building
recently. Maybe we are not sure Lego can bring all the goodness. However,
Lego must have something useful and can help us.
I would be looking forward to hearing you.
Best wishes,
Caroline Hu
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