What are picture books

What are picture books
• Stories are a natural and easy way to learn
because a human, we enjoy listening to
narrative tales.
• Concept of dual coding, providing both a story
and a visual cue provides a cognitive boost and
leads to deeper understanding of content.
• Dual coding is inherent in the reading, listening,
looking and talk about picture books.
• Picture books provide a cognitive boost
and have intrinsic appeal for all learners.
• Picture books contextualize concepts,
illustrate vocabulary and ideas, and help
students make connections, scaffold their
learning, and develop reasoning skills.
Infancy and Toddlerhood
• Physical development
• Improving fine-motor skills and eye-hand coordination
allow babies to explore everything in their world.
• Their brains consume much energy as dendrites expand
their reach to inner areas and synapses grow in density
in areas devoted to vision and hearing.
• Interaction with all the sounds, sights, tastes, smells, and
touch in the environment provide the stimulation for
• Cognitive development