Sentence Patterns (2) 1. 她連他的名字都讀不出來。

Sentence Patterns (2)
1. 她連他的名字都讀不出來。
She cannot so much as read her own name.
2. 約翰就在我家門前經過卻不進來看我。
John passed right by my front door without so much as dropping in on me.
3. 儘管你很聰明,但我認為你不一定會成功。
Intelligent as you are, I suspect you will fail.
4. 他雖然是個孩子,卻對科學懂得不少。
Child as he is, he knows a lot about science.
5. 雖然我很想來,但我不能來。
Much as I’d like to, I can’t come.
6. 盡管你反對,我們將繼續執行我們的計畫。
Object as you may, we’ll go ahead with our plan.
7. 這本書編得通俗易懂,適合於初學者閱讀。
Written, as it is, in an easy style, the book is adapted for beginners.
8. 由於我不習慣於發表演說,有些話講得不得體敬請諒悉。
Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I beg your indulgence for my few
inelegant words.
9. 你的聰明程度還不到你設想的一半。
You are not half as clever as you think you are.
10. 電腦和電話一樣是重大的發明.。
The computer is as important an invention as the telephone.
11. 我父親比起上星期寫信給你時好多了。
My father is better than he was when I wrote to you last week.
12. 迄今,熱污染雖未成為事實,卻是一大潛在威脅。
So far heat pollution has been more than a threat than a fact.
1. 我們不認識他,甚至連他的名字也沒聽過。
We don’t know him; indeed we have not so much as heard his name.
2. 他甚至連載會也沒對我說就走出房門了。
He left the room without so much as saying a goodbye to me.
3. 我告訴你的是雖然聽起來未必可能,但卻是事實。
Unlikely as it sounds, what I’m telling you is true.
4. 他雖然是英雄,但不可能成為常勝將軍。
Hero as he was, he could not be invincible.
5. 雖然我不喜歡你的批評,但我認為你批評得有道理。
Little as I like your criticism, I don’t think it is unfair.
6. 你可以改變你的主意,但我卻不會。
Change your mind as you will, I won’t change mine.
7. 他與外國人生活了很長一段時間,英語應該掌握得很熟練了。
Living, as he does, so much among foreigners, he ought to be at home in English.
8. 他是為了熱愛藝術而不是為了謀取錢財工作,因此他拒絕寫任何庸俗不堪的
Working as he did rather for the love of art than for the acquirement of wealth, he
refused to write anything that was in bad taste.
9. 傑克和約翰一樣都是幹活俐落的人。
Jack is as quick a worker as John is.
10. 他賣出的錄影帶還不到他預想的一半。
He didn’t sell half as many videos as he thought he would.
11. 他有錢但沒修養。
He’s got more money than taste.
12. 他因得寵而有此一地位,並非有甚麼本事或一技之長
He obtained his position more by favor than by merit or ability.