I want to introduce my hometown Yilan.

I want to introduce my hometown Yilan.
Because the weather in Yilan doesn’t only have much rains, but also not have many
sunny days, the water in Yilan always enough.
Only a few people can resist the food in Yilan owing to its delicious and special
For example, few people know the popular cuisine named gaojha﹝糕渣﹞means
the humanity in Yilan.
Each local cuisine is the main cause that people like to go to Yilan.
In addition every famous vendor in Yilan has its own features which the tourist can
find out by themselves.
None of Taiwanese don’t know the festival 宜蘭童玩節 which attracts a lot of
Yilan is the best choice if you want to go on a vacation without any noisy city stuffs.
Without the problem of traffic convenience, some places in Yilan can make you live in
a slow pace.
All the points that I mentioned are only my opinions about Yilan.