1. There are some stray dogs in the traditional market.

1. There are some stray dogs in the traditional market.
2. There are many souvenirs you can buy in Taichung, such as, Sun cake, Butter Crispy
cake, Taro cake, Pineapple cake, and so on.
3. There aren’t any tsunamis and hurricanes in my hometown, but there are many
earthquakes and typhoons.
4. All of the snacks in my hometown are very tasty, especially Butter Crispy cake.
5. When I take a bus to the Taichung Train station, I have to wait a long time for the
bus every time. If I don’t need to take a bus, it will appear eveywhere.
6. All of my neighbors are very kind. We sometimes give presents to each other.
7. There isn’t any pet in my home now. But, I have a school of gold fish when I was
8. There are some libraries in the Southern District. One of the library is National
Library of Public Information. It is a very big library, and have many books.
9. There are many parks in my hometown. I always play with my cousins at the park.
There are a lot of childhood memories of mine.
10. Many people say that there are many gangs in Taichung. I don’t have any
experience about it, and I also don’t want this experience.