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A:Can you give me a hand ?
B:UM.OK, What it is ?
A:I have a date later . Can you take this book to John for me ?
B:Sure. What does he look like ?
A:OH.He wears jeans , blue T-shirt and green shoes .
B:Anything else? Hat or glasses?
A:Well, he does not wear hat or glasses. But he has tattoos on the arm and leg.
B:OK,I can Probably find him .
A:Hi , long time no see , how are you ?
B:I’m fine, thank you . Have you got used to your college life?
A:Not a bit. I’m very shy .
B:You should join a club or community.
A:OK,I will give it a try .
B:Do you make some friends at the school ?
A: Yes, I’ve made some good friends.
B:Great! How about the classes and teachers?
A:Oh, all the teachers are nice and easy-going!
A:Nice to meet you . My name is White .
B:My name is Black. Nice to meet you , White.
A:Where are you form Black ? I come from the north.
B:I come from the east.
A:Have any ideas about our room furnishings?
B:I would like to put my desk by the window to get sunshine.
A:It’s a good idea!
B:Then, wish we a wonderful beginning.
A:Excuse me, Is there a library near here ?
B:Ooh yes , there’s one on Davis street.
A:How do I get there ?
B:Go down this street, and turn left on First avenue .
A:And, what’s next ?
B:Just go down for one block and turn right on Davis street .
A:OK, and is there any building nearby?
B:It’s across from an ATM and doctor’s office.
A:Thank you.
B:You’re welcome.