That Is Love!

That Is Love!
Two years ago, in a normal evening, my mom was driving, and I was sitting in
the front seat, with our trunk full of groceries bought from Costco. As we were talking
about the discount of a carpet, we saw a fat shape walking along the street. Looking
closely, I found that was an old lady. We didn’t think much at that time, but soon, we
began to worry about her because it was weird that she walked so slowly and
laboriously. Therefore, we turned around to see if she was all right. When we got
there, the old lady was sitting on the ground and said that she went out for exercising
around six. However, it had been nine. We though she must have been lost. She was
so terrified of not knowing how to go home, and then she told us her address with
blurred words. We decided to drive her home anyway. It takes lots of strength to
support her up because she was pretty heavy, and we were afraid that she might fall
down. Arriving at her neighborhood, she couldn’t point out which was her house.
Fortunately, a local person recognized her, and then taking her back home. The old
lady’s grandson was so happy that he was speechless. Nevertheless, we didn’t asked
anything for return, even though most of the food had been sour because they should
have been stored in the refrigerator one hour ago.