Student name : 鍾錦任 Student ID : 4A22C007 Homework one

Student name : 鍾錦任
Student ID : 4A22C007
Homework one
I am studying Electrical engineering at Southern Taiwan University of Science and
Technology. It is a four year course. When I complete the course, I will get a bachelor
degree of science. The main subjects are Engineering Mathematics, Electric Circuits
, Digital Fundamental, Electronic Experiment, Visual Basics, FPGA and Calculus. The
subject I find most difficult is FPGA. I find it difficult because it is hard to understand
the meaning of the computer language. And also our textbook does not explain
every line the code stands for. The subject I enjoy the most is Electronic Experiment
because you can learn each component’s unique feature in a fun way by testing it.
I have thirty-two classes each week. Classes start each day at ten after eight and
finish at forty after five. I have self-study every Tuesday and Wednesday. When I
finish my course, I hope to go on for further study to earn a Master Degree. After
that I would like to get a job at ASUS Computer Inc. to be a computer engineer.