According to a recent survey, four million blood vessels? )

According to a recent survey, four million
people die each year from diseases linked to
blood vessels? )
According to an ancient record, about 75
million people died in 17th century from
diseases linked to plague.
number of tourists; greater efforts should be
made to protect local environment and
Proper policy must be practiced to decrease the
crime rate; the police officers should be trained
well to ensure the public security.
The latest surveys show that quite a few
children have unpleasant associations with
The latest surveys show that more and more
people living in city have anxious associations
with their salary.
Proper measures must be taken to limit the
Some experts believe that migrants will have
positive effects on development of our city.
However, this opinion is now being
People seem to fail to take into account the
fact that education does not end with
The government seems to fail to take into
account the result that reducing the price of the
questioned by more and more city residents,
who complain that the migrants have
brought many serious problems like crime
and prostitution.
Most of the government officials living in the
downtown believed that the new policy will
thrive the economy.
However, this policy is now being opposed by
more and more citizens, who argue that the
government didn’t take into account the
An increasing number of people are
beginning to realize that education is not
completed with graduation.
An exact number of report are said that the
environment problem will not completed with
the ban of the nuclear energy.
Many city residents complain that there are
so few buses that they have to spend much
more time waiting for a bus and that buses
are always crowded with a large number of
Many employees complain that the payment is
so low that they can barely afford their living
and that living is harder than before.
No invention has received more praises and
abuses than the Internet.
No creature has received more praises and
abuses than the snake.
When it comes to education, the majority of
people believe that education is a lifetime
When it comes to the life after the death, the
majority of people believe that there is another
place called hell.
Studies have shown that physical exercise
contributes directly to a person's physical
Studies have shown that eating enough
vegetables daily contributes directly to the
health of blood vessels.( or having healthy
There is no denying that air pollution is an
extremely serious problem; the city
authorities should take strong measures to
deal with it.
There is no denying that J.K. Rowling is a
successful novelist; everyone should take her
books a look.
No one can deny that a person's education is
the most important aspect of his life.
No one can deny that freedom is the most
necessary part to human beings.
Many students go into raptures at the mere
mention of the coming life of high school or
college they will begin; unfortunately, for
most young people, it is not pleasant
experience on their first day at school.
Many protesters go into anger at the mention of
principle’s corruption and the decrease of the
economy; fortunately, for most citizens, their
vice president is reliable.
In view of the seriousness of this problem,
effective measures should be taken before
things get worse.
In view of the high cost of gasoline, policy
should be made to support people’s daily life.
Students believe that part-time job will
provide them with more opportunities to
develop their interpersonal skills, which may
put them in a favorable position in the
future markets.
Some parents believe that cram school will help
their children get high (can I use “better”
here?) score, which is the most direct way to
enter their ideal university.
Although it is wildly held that education is
much more available, there is little evidence
that education can be obtained at any age
and at any place.
Although it was wildly set that convenience
stores are much more available, there are still
few places that convenience stores are rare.
The information I've collected over the last
few years leads me to the belief that this
knowledge may be less useful than most
people think.
The job I’ve done before leads me to the belief
that the experience may be more important
than any other words.
There is a general debate on the campus
today over the question how much time
college students should spend doing a
part-time job.
There is (should I use “was” or “is”?) a
discussion during the meeting in this morning
over the question how much money teenagers
should spend on their idol.
The fact the Ukraine is now in a terrible civil
riot tells us that politicians never care much
about the well-being of their fellow people.
The fact the number of nearsighted population
increases immediately tell us that maybe we
should use computer or mobile-phone less.
Or The fact the increased number of
nearsighted population……?