Figure of speech something else. Metaphors

Figure of speech
Metaphors 隱喻: don’t not have the words, “like” or “as” and states that one thing is
something else.
Similes 明喻: containing the words, “like” or “as” and compare two objects, in which
two fundamentally unlike things are explicitly compared,
Example 1: The boy eats like a pig. (simile)
The boy is a pig. (metaphor)
Example 2: His legs are like sticks. (
His legs are sticks.(
Example 3《The Heart's Journey, no. 7》 by Siegfried Sassoon
“It's my ideal life state:
Living like a tiger, strong and elegant.
Living like a rose, tender but not fragile
(Find out the metaphors in the poem)
In me, past, present, future meet
To hold long chiding conference.
My lusts usurp the present tense
And strangle Reason in his seat.
My loves leap through the future’s fence
To dance with dream-enfranchised feet.
In me the cave-man clasps the seer, 在我心裏穴居人(過去)緊緊纒繞著先知(未來)
And garlanded Apollo goes 而戴上桂冠的阿波羅.... ....隱喻帶來希望 (未來)
Chanting to Abraham’s deaf ear. 在亞伯拉罕的聾耳邊吟唱...... (過去)
In me the tiger sniffs the rose.
Look in my heart, kind friends, and tremble,
Since there your elements assemble.