四技、字彙與慣用語選擇 1、( ) It has long been suggested by doctors that a... mainly grains, vegetables and fruit with proper amounts of meat...

1、( C ) It has long been suggested by doctors that a healthy diet should ______
mainly grains, vegetables and fruit with proper amounts of meat and dairy
(A) fill with
(B) refer to
(C) consist of
(D) search for
2、( A ) Because of the poor economy, reducing taxes has now become a ______ for
the new government.
(A) necessity
(B) community
(C) generation
(D) statue
3、( D ) We called off the picnic ______ the bad weather forecast.
(A) with a view to
(B) at the expense of (C) in regard to
account of
(D) on
4、( B ) Tom hates to be alone, and he would like to ______ and have a family.
(A) wear out
(B) settle down
(C) sit up (D) throw away
5、( A ) Because of poor money management, the company was ______ by a large
firm last year.
(A) taken over
(B) put on
(C) run over (D) composed of
6、( D ) Your printer is not ______. You haven’t hooked it up to the computer.
(A) solving
(B) manufacturing (C) achieving (D) responding
7、( D ) The Internet is really appealing. Many students ______ playing games in
Internet cafes.
(A) are applied to (B) are tired of (C) are afraid of (D) are addicted to
8、( A ) Judy does not like to attend Bill’s birthday party, so she asked me to go
______ her.
(A) in place of
(B) in connection with
(C) in addition to
(D) at the risk of
9、( D ) It is suggested by the workers in the zoo that it is best to call on the bears at
an early hour when they are most active.
(A) play
(B) shower
(C) offer
(D) visit
10、( B ) Her parents disapproved of her marriage to Tom, but they went to the
wedding ____. (A) at all
(B) after all
(C) above all
(D) in all
11、( D ) The summer in Taiwan is humid; the large quantity of water in the air
makes it feel even hotter and more uncomfortable.
(A) clear
(B) high
(C) long
(D) wet
12、( C ) Chinese parents are so ______ that they feel embarrassed to teach their
children about sex.
(A) outstanding (B) rewarded
(C) conservative (D) liberal
13、( C ) The businessman is very ______; he gives money to those who are in need
of help.
(A) dependent (B) expensive (C) generous (D) rapid
14、( D ) He promised that he would be back before four to finish his work.
(A) occurred (B) entered (C) invested (D) agreed
15、( A ) In the U.S. one should make a(n) ______ before going to see a doctor.
(A) appointment (B) dressing (C) exchange (D) limitation
16、( A ) The victim of the plane crash stayed ______ for two weeks, and then died
last night.
(A) alive (B) central (C) obvious
(D) rough
17、( D ) A research result shows that drinking a lot of water can help ______ the
risk of developing kidney stones.
(A) inflate
(B) promote (C) maximize (D) decrease
18、( D ) I usually have a busy schedule, but once in a while I spend a few days in
the mountains.
(A) always
(B) later
(C) early (D) sometimes
19、( C ) Last month, fifty couples, who were married for fifty years and more,
_______ their golden anniversary in the city hall.
(A) contributed (B) confirmed (C) celebrated (D) combined
20、( D ) It is easier to make plans than to ______, so getting things done is as
important as planning in advance.
(A) break them down (B) make them up
(C) pay them off
carry them out
21、( D ) Christina is doubtless the most ______ person for that promising job. She
has the education, work experience and personality to succeed.
(A) ineffective
(B) pessimistic
(C) reluctant (D) suitable
22、( B ) The disease spreads very fast. Therefore, doctors suggest that everyone
should wash hands to prevent ______.
(A) construction
(B) infection
(C) invention (D) instruction
23、( C ) I invited her to my birthday party, but she ______. I felt disappointed.
(A) heard from me (B) backed me up
(C) turned me down (D) put
up with me
24、( B ) The thief wore a black ______ so that no one could recognize him.
(A) message
(B) mask
(C) master (D) muscle
25、( C ) Mary had to ______ the time she missed in school when she was sick.
(A) come down with (B) run out of (C) make up for (D) break on
26、( D ) Thank you for applying for the position of assistant manager currently
available in our company, and the secretary will get in touch with you
(A) report (B) watch (C) charge
(D) contact
27、( D ) English, which is widely regarded as the global language, is required
nowadays not only in Taiwan but also in other Asian countries for better
jobs and higher incomes.
(A) useful
(B) serious (C) excellent (D) necessary
28、( C ) The problem was so difficult that most students could not ______ it.
(A) add
(B) open
(C) solve (D) create
29、( C ) Mr. Lee bought the suit at half of the original price. It was a really good
(A) loss
(B) number
(C) bargain (D) goal
30、( B ) Due to heavy snow on the runway, all the flights were ______ for nearly
eight hours.
(A) mixed
(B) delayed
(C) served (D) located
31、( B ) The little sister and her elder sister look so much alike that the neighbors
can hardly ______.
(A) fool them around (B) tell them apart
(C) check them up
work them out
32、( B ) When in danger, most parents will do what they can to ______ their
children from harm.
(A) help (B) protect (C) provide (D) handle
33、( B ) What the reporter said was a complete lie. I have never even heard of that
man, ______ gone out with him.
(A) sit alone
(B) let alone
(C) keep out (D) fall out
34、( A ) In Taiwan, the presidential election ______ every four years.
(A) takes place
(B) takes out
(C) takes off (D) takes in
35、( B ) One of the ways by which website companies make money is from the
______ that flash on the screens.
(A) warnings (B) advertisements (C) movies (D) conversations
36、( C ) Small vocabulary size usually prevents readers from fully understanding the
text they read.
(A) closes (B) designs (C) stops (D) throws
37、( A ) In “The Lord of the Rings,” the rings ______ evil magic. They represent
destructive power.
(A) stand for
(B) check in (C) go through (D) happen to
38、( A ) You can find a great _______ of books and magazines in the library.
(A) variety
(B) blank
(C) excuse (D) crew
39、( A ) If you want to learn more about the activity, you can get additional
information from the university homepage.
(A) more
(B) serious
(C) daily (D) practical
40、( A ) There is a ______ that if you break a mirror, you’ll have bad luck for seven
years. (A) superstition (B) supervisor (C) supply (D) support
41、( C ) Gao Xingjian, who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2000, has promised
to teach in eastern Taiwan this summer.
(A) returned
(B) managed
(C) agreed (D) concerned
42、( A ) If we don’t have good telephone _______, we may sound impolite to other
people on the phone.
(A) manners
(B) marks
(C) bills (D) bases
43、( A ) President Bush said the United States would not reduce its support for
Taiwan ______ better relations with mainland China.
(A) in exchange for (B) in the midst of
(C) in the long run
(D) on
condition that
44、( C ) If you ask students why they are late for class, their excuses will be very
different. (A) views (B) rights (C) reasons (D) voices
45、( D ) In a traditional Chinese family, children have to give back their family in
return for the previous support.
(A) little
(B) curious
(C) main (D) former
46、( A ) Actually, I can’t ______ the house because it is too expensive.
(A) afford
(B) agree
(C) admit (D) affect
47、( B ) I can’t wait to go to the Ricky Martin concert this weekend. I ____ it for
(A) have been used to (B) have been looking forward to
(C) have been protected from (D) have been living up to
48、( D ) Her enthusiasm for tennis is the main reason for her to become a world
champion. (A) opinion
(B) action
(C) event (D) interest
49、( A ) For young women who suffer from eating disorder, body ______ is often
their main concern.
(A) image
(B) diary (C) interest (D) dialogue
50、( D ) I haven’t ______ my brother since he moved to China last year.
(A) touched down
(B) seen out (C) looked down (D) heard from
51、( C ) Writing is a very useful ______ for students. In the future, they can use it at
different workplaces.
(A) belief
(B) culture
(C) skill (D) feature
52、( C ) After four attempts, Mike finally passed his driving test and started to drive
happily to work right away.
(A) obviously (B) apparently (C) immediately (D) eventually
53、( A ) The high risk of getting lung cancer still cannot _______ people from
smoking. (A) discourage (B) repeat (C) discover (D) emerge
54、( B ) It is a long _______ from Taipei to New York. It takes more than 15 hours
to fly. (A) drive (B) trip (C) walk (D) run
55、( A ) Many people worry that the computerized Public Welfare Lottery ______
gambling to become rich instead of working hard to make money.
(A) encourages
(B) specializes
(C) predicts (D) conveys
56、( C ) Lung cancer, one of the major killers in Taiwan, has long been associated
with air pollution and smoking.
(A) dealt with
(B) grown into (C) related to (D) treated by
57、( C ) The police surveyed the scene of crime carefully for fear of missing any
clue that was related to the murder.
(A) checked in
(B) turned up (C) looked over (D) got around
58、( A ) When Jack asked Helen to go to the movies with him, she ______, but a
few minutes later she finally agreed.
(A) hesitated (B) delighted (C) commented (D) removed
59、( C ) Vocational high school students should have greater _______ in themselves
in order to learn English well.
(A) influence (B) dependence (C) confidence (D) performance
60、( D ) The terrible train accident in Ali-Mountain (阿里山) ______ the death of
many passengers.
(A) talked into (B) hung up (C) turned down (D) resulted in
61、( C ) With hard work and determination, Britney Spears (布蘭妮) has built a
successful ______ in show business.
(A) emotion (B) lotion (C) career (D) coward
62、( A ) It takes the software company one month to ______ how to fight the PC
virus which attacks personal computers through e-mails.
(A) figure out
(B) make up
(C) appeal to (D) set up
63、( D ) After many years of extensive research, Taiwanese computer companies
have upgraded their quality.
(A) polite
(B) deep
(C) secret (D) broad
64、( D ) You’ve used up all the excuses. Can’t you come up with a better one?
(A) watch out
(B) go after (C) live with (D) think of
65、( A ) For centuries, dogs are believed to be the best company to human beings.
(A) friend
(B) animal (C) enemy (D) keeper
66、( C ) With her brown hair and blue eyes, Patricia seems to ______ her mother.
(A) look into
(B) care for (C) take after (D) depend on
67、( A ) One of the distinguished ______ in President Lincoln’s life is freeing the
slaves and establishing the United States of American as a free nation.
(A) achievements
(B) discoveries
(C) opportunities
68、( C ) My cellphone is low on battery; it keeps beeping to remind me of _______
(A) relaxing (B) recycling (C) recharging (D) reviewing
69、( A ) Customers may pay ______ or use a credit card in major department stores.
(A) cash
(B) change
(C) tape
(D) total
70、( D ) The British are the biggest ______ of chocolate; each person, on average,
eats nearly 10 kilograms per year.
(A) producers
(B) growers (C) managers (D) consumers
71、( B ) Because his speech was _______ , the audience gave him a big hand.
(A) meaningless
(B) flawless
(C) useless
72、( A ) For over 2000 years, paper has been used as a major tool of communication;
however, e-mail today has become a _______ practice.
(A) common
(B) difficult
(C) last (D) traditional
73、( B ) Before Ang Lee’s films started to attract worldwide attention, he stayed
home for a period of time while his wife worked to support the family.
(A) surprising
(B) international
(C) numerous (D) particular
74、( C ) The latest evidence shows that second-hand smoke can not only lower
children’s IQ but also cause lung cancer.
(A) factor
(B) health (C) proof
(D) success
75、( A ) He has an excellent memory; he can easily learn every name in this book
(A) by heart
(B) by nose (C) by way (D) by means
76、( C ) Eating fruit and vegetables does people good because such food is ______
in vitamin C.
(A) more
(B) many
(C) rich
(D) we
77、( B ) A fire ______ in the hospital last night and killed 24 people.
(A) broke up (B) broke out (C) broke over (D) broke through
78、( B ) If you don’t want to put on more ______, you should eat less and take more
exercise. (A) treasure (B) weight
(C) food (D) body
79、( D ) According to the report, the number of people regularly using dating sites
on the Internet ______ from 3.2 million in December 1999 to 5.6 million in
October 2000.
(A) resulted
(B) gained (C) differed (D) increased
80、( B ) At the interview, she made a great ______ upon the interviewers by her
clear speech and good manners.
(A) performance (B) impression (C) decision (D) agreement
81、( A ) Office workers ______ from back problems because they tend to sit still for
long period of time.
(A) suffer
(B) learn (C) move (D) transfer
82、( C ) When they try to hire workers for their companies, employers usually
decide within five minutes whether someone is ______ for the job.
(A) different (B) stationary (C) suitable (D) vertical
83、( A ) You need to have a clear notion of what to do in the future.
(A) idea
(B) model
(C) pain
(D) taste
84、( C ) These three wooden boxes are _______; they are of the same size, shape,
and color.
(A) remote
(B) real (C) similar (D) vague
85、( D ) Hospitals were crowded with injured people after the big earthquake, and
nurses were busy ______ those patients without taking a rest.
(A) leaving for
(B) turning on (C) using up (D) caring for
86、( B ) John ran into _______ when he tried to expand his new business too
quickly. (A) stock (B) trouble (C) market (D) floor
87、( D ) She is _______ regular treatment for her illness. And she is making great
progress. (A) falling (B) sending (C) living (D) receiving
88、( B ) This piece of land is _______ for wild animals and plants; it is not open for
the general public.
(A) shocked
(B) reserved (C) responded (D) smelled
89、( D ) Computers have made a great ______ on our lives. Nowadays almost
everyone is using a computer to communicate with other people.
(A) relation
(B) package
(C) caution (D) impact
90、( D ) Advance ______ of seats for the train is strongly recommended when
travelers want to have a seat on their way home.
(A) resident (B) cancellation (C) protection (D) reservation
91、( D ) The woman had trouble falling asleep, so the doctor gave her some ______
to take every night before going to bed.
(A) bills
(B) hills
(C) mills
(D) pills
92、( B ) The actress demanded an __ from the newspaper for an untrue report about
personal life. (A) insistence (B) apology (C) explosion (D) operation
93、( D ) The final exam was unexpectedly easy. The average score for the test was
90. (A) directly (B) heavily (C) quickly
(D) surprisingly
94、( C ) The first computer was built in 1946; it ______ more than 140 square
meters of floor space. (A) put on (B) gave in (C) took up (D) made of
95、( B ) You should think very cautiously before you make an important decision.
(A) actually
(B) carefully
(C) entirely (D) generally
96、( B ) The benefits of vitamins and minerals are emphasized because they play an
important role in maintaining good health.
(A) helping
(B) keeping (C) predicting (D) starting
97、( B ) According to research, good leaders are made, not _______; one learns to
be a leader by observing other leaders.
(A) stood
(B) born
(C) lent (D) moved
98、( A ) The house owner will lower the price of the house if the Lins agree to make
a ____ in two weeks. (A) purchase (B) difference (C) break (D) living
99、( B ) The history of this country can ______ the Stone Age.
(A) keep up with (B) date back to (C) go in for (D) look down upon
100、( B ) In the Olympic Games, the best athletes from all over the world try their
best to ______ with one another.
(A) remember
(B) compete
(C) desire (D) calculate