A: agent W: passenger

A: agent
W: passenger
A: Good morning, Sir. This is Aisa Airline. May I help you?
W: Good morning. I want to go to San Francisco. Would you please arrange
the fight for me?
A: Yes. And when will you go?
W: Oct. 28th.
A: Well, you can take CI-001 at 18:00 on Oct. 28th.
W: Can you tell me the itinerary? What is the departure and arrival time?
A: The daily flight is leaving from Taipei at 8:00A.M. , and the connecting flights
would be12:00 at Tokyo and then 23:00 at San Francisco.
W: How much is the fare?
A: NT$ 25,000.
W: I want to make reservations for 2?
A: Ok. Window or aisle seat.
W: Aisle seat, please.
A: Here is your tickets and computer code. MAHGW266.
W: Thanks.
A: You are welcome. If you have further question, please feel free to call me.
Have a nice trip!