4A11C004 陳俊廷 4A152053 施敏璇

4A11C004 陳俊廷 4A152053 施敏璇
A: Hi this is happy yoyo restaurant. May I help you?
B: I would like to reserve a table for five on July 3rd
A: For what time ,sir?
B: About six o’clock
A: Could you hold on , please?
B: Okay
A: Sorry sir, our table are fully booked until seven o’clock. Would you like to change it at
B: Seven o’clock! um.. okay
A: Thanks, May I have your name and phone number?
B: Sure, my name is Tony Chen and my phone number is 0987,221,002
A: Okay ..well..Mr.Chen your reservation is on July 3rd at 7 o’clock for five
B: Yeah that’s right
A: We will hold the table for only 10minutes ,please be sure to arrive before 7:10
B: No problem!
A: Thanks for your calling, have a good day!
B: Thank you.