TOPIC: How to keep fit?

TOPIC: How to keep fit?
“How to keep fit.” is one of the most popular subjects around the world.
Some people may ask me, “how can you keep a good shape?”, “what types of
exercises do you choose to do?” or “what kinds of food do you usually eat?” Let me
answer the questions one by one.
First, do not stay up late after eleven o’clock, and it’s better to get up early at
seven o’clock. Second, you have to exercise thirty minutes per day and three times a
week at least. All kinds of sports are all right to do! But I think playing the badminton
and swimming can lose more weights. Next, don’t eat anything after nine p.m., such
as fired, sugar, etc. Finally, drinking water about three thousand c.c. every day is good
for your health and skin.
These are my tips to keep a good shape.
I hope you all can have a slim body and be healthy.