Unit 7

Unit 7
4A1G0087 黃建富 (A)
4A1G0091 廖孟新 (B)
A: We are going to graduate , what kind of job do you like to do?
B: Let me think……,I want to be a photographer.
A: Why? Are you interested in photographing?
B: Because a photographer will take pictures for many beautiful girls.
A: Beautiful girls? Shooting nude pictures? Ha Ha! You are sick!
B: Besides, maybe I can meet a new girlfriend!
A: What about nude male models?
B: No, I only help girls nude photos!
Unit 8
4A1G0018 黃建富 (學生 A)
4A1G0091 廖孟新 (學生 B)
A: Hello! Are you free tonight?
B: Yes, I am. Any idea to have fun?
A: Let’s go clubbing.
B: Oh! That will be fun, but we are too young.
A: This is not a problem.
B: OK......but we have to be careful.
A: No problem. I often went clubbing when I was a child.
B: Wow....you are kidding!