Serial Killer Profile Sheet Name: Alias:

Serial Killer Profile Sheet
Alias: Nick name
Number of Killings: Confirmed and alleged
Status: Alive, dead, on death row…
Location of Killings: May be
geographical or a type of place. . .
Killer’s MO:
Victims MO:
His habits, what he is like, intelligence,
job, method of attack. . .
Characteristics of victims-gender, age,
job, hobbies,-what about them draws the
Reasons for Killing:
There are two sets of reasons for killing.
Why do investigators think they kill?
Poor childhood, mentally ill. . .
Why do the killers think they kill?
Need to own a person, want to rid the world of unethical women. . .
Details of Killings (Crime Signature):
What is it that the killer does every time he/she kills or abducts a victim? It may or may
not be the exact same each time, but should be at least similar or an evolution. What can
we identify at an unknown crime scene that connects it to a previous crime.