Test Review for Unit 1-2-Introduction

Test Review for Unit 1-2-Introduction
Your first test will consist solely of a simulation in which you and your team members will be
asked to do the following:
Your group is an investigation team from the North Oldham High Forensic lab. First
decide on a name for your group. Now decide if you need a leader and who it will be. Also
decide if you should assign potential jobs for group members once they arrive at the crime scene.
When you are ready, Mr. Sapp will allow you to enter the crime scene.
***Don't forget to preserve the crime scene***
What should be turned in when finished:
-all notes taken
-all sketches of the scene
-a list of articles which should be photographed
-a list of articles which should be sent to the lab and a description
of the kind of analysis which should be done on each
-any suggestions of controls which should be taken from the
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