(By 周羿廷 & 陳竹儀) A:Hey , Kim.

(By 周羿廷 & 陳竹儀)
A:Hey , Kim.
B:Hi , Sherry .
A:Do you know the Chinese New Year is coming soon?
B:Yes, I know.
A:Where will you plan to celebrate?
B:Oh! I don’t know. My roommate will go abroad with her family.
A:Well…….Do you want to go home with me? My family will be very happy to
meet you , and we can go out to do some sightseeing together.
B:Really ? Will it cause you any trouble?
A:No, the way we celebrate the Chinese New Year is very funny in my family.
B:OK! Thank you for your invitation. But I think if I will go to your home, I need
to buy some presents for your family.
A:All right! But it doesn’t have to be very expensive.ok?
B:Yeah, Ok! Can you help me choose gifts for your family?
A:Sure. Do you want to buy the gifts now?
B:Yes, I do. What is your parents’ favorite thing ?
A:Well, maybe you can buy something that is useful in life.
B:So…. can we go to the department stores to buy that?
A:Yes, let’s go.
A: Ok, Here we are. What do you want to buy?
B:I think nutritional supplement is great. What do you think?
A:Sounds great. We can go to B1 to select some products.
B:Is this a good product? What’s it made of? Is it explained in the package?
Sorry , my Chinese is too poor to understand the words. Can you help me?
A:It is chicken essence made from chicken. It is so great. Do you want to but
B:Yes, It sounds good. I’ll buy that.
A:I think my parents will be very happy. That’s a good present!
B:OK, then I will buy that. Let’s go!
A:I have membership card. It can give you a discount.
B:Really! That’s great. Thank you!
A: You’re welcome!