(By What’s your dream? 本地學生:

(By 郭芯瑜)
本地學生:What’s your dream?
國際學生:I want to be rich. I want to have a lot of money.
本地學生:Rich? Really? Why?
國際學生:I want to study abroad.
本地學生:Study abroad? Which country would you like to go to?
國際學生:France. I guess. I’m very interested in French culture.
How about you?
What’s in your future?
本地學生:Someday I'm going to be a doctor.
國際學生:A doctor.Wow! Why do you want to be a doctor?
本地學生:Because I want to help people.
國際學生:Very good. Hope your dream come true!
本地學生:Thanks. I hope so, too.