Climate & Energy Law Symposium Karen Edson Vice President

Climate & Energy Law Symposium
University of San Diego School of Law
Karen Edson
Vice President
Policy & Client Services
November 6, 2015
ISO Confidential
Operational challenges arise as more renewables
are added to the grid.
Typical Spring Day
Net Load 14,160
MW on April 5, 2015
at 15:46
ISO Confidential
Regional markets are key to mitigating the risk of
renewable curtailment.
Target energy efficiency
Increase storage and demand response
Enable economic dispatch of renewables
Decarbonize transportation fuels
Retrofit existing power plants
Align time-of-use rates with system conditions
Diversify resource portfolio
Deepen regional coordination
ISO Confidential
Copyright – 2015 California ISO
EIM is continuing to deliver expected cost savings and
is expanding.
EIM is growing:
•PacifiCorp has been in operations for
almost a year.
•NV Energy starts up on November 1
•Puget Sound Energy and Arizona Public
Service will start the Fall of 2016
•Two additional utilities – Idaho Power and
Portland General -- have announced that
they are considering the ISO imbalance
ISO Confidential
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