: English Conversation (III) Introduction:


中文課程名稱 : English Conversation (III) 教師 : 王姵晴


This class is to introduce some practical English conversation.

For example, if you go to the United States, how you check-in in a hotel and how to make the dinner reservations. If you go to the airport for transferring the plane, you have to go to Transfer Desk for a seat assignment. When you take off the plane, how can you claim your baggage? They all happen in our daily lives. When you meet the foreigner, you get to speak out English without fear and let students can speak English fluently.


The goal of this class is to put the conversation into our daily lives. There are about 30 topics which describes the situations when you have chances to go to America. Then, you can understand what the foreigners say and speak a fluent English.

英文課程大綱 和 進度表

Week 1. Lost baggage

Week2. Customs

Week3. Time Zones

Week4. conversation quiz 1

Week 5. Breakfast in America

Week 6. Making conversation

Week 7. Describing people

Week 8. Options

Week 9. Mid-term exam

Week 10. Reservations, Medical problems

Week 11 Hotel problem, complains

Week 12. Invitations

Week13. Car rental

Week14. Experience

Week15. conversation quiz 2

Week 16. check-out

Week.17. Goodbye

Week 18. Final exam.


作者 : Peter Viney

書局 : 東華書局

年份 : 2007