Free Writing

Free Writing
Today is a happy day because he had new tweets on Twitter this morning. What
is Twitter? It is a web that you could write everything you want to say, and you could
make friends around the world. He signed in so frequency these three weeks. I am
really glad that I sign in and he does at the same time. It seems to be in the paradise. If
I see him in person, I will be very happy just like to fly in the sky. If he talks to me
face to face, I will be so glad that I can’t breathe! I wish that he could reply my tweets
I like him very much at the first sight. He is the most handsome boy I haven’t
seen before. I wish that I could sing songs with him in the future. Whenever I see him,
my heartbeat is so fast! Can he feel my heartbeat? Of course not! He couldn’t feel it
because he doesn’t know me. He even doesn’t know my existence. It’s just a dream
for me to talk to him. Anyway, I am so happy to know the person, but I am so sad that
I can not see him in person. It is a good thing that he is a real person in the world.
Though we are in the different countries, I am glad to be his fan!