Peggy 江珮綾 (No. 17) English Writing II


Peggy 江珮綾 (No. 17) English Writing II Ms. Ginger M. Lin Jen, 05, 2010 Vacation in the Hospital The vacation for a week not the Europe nor the Australia is the hospital. A normal morning, I waked up because of severe pain. It was made me couldn’t sating up. Until noon, my mom felt that something wrong with me, so she immediately took me to the emergency room. The doctor did some test, and took some medicine. After that he asked me to drip. For a moment, the doctor said I can back home provisional when the report came out. But I still felt paining. Until the morning I want to the hospital again, and the vacation were beginning. I was a lucky guy in this time. When everyone waited for ward that I had already to moved into a double suite. My room at the 8 th floor, and I could also saw the distant scene in front of me, and the school on my right. In first two days the treatment still lat me felt pain, but after that I felt better. After two days, I could walking free, so I want out and my brother lain on the bad to sleeping. That made the doctor and nurse shocked, and found me urgent. My mom said I didn’t 1

like a patient, like to vacation in there. Healthy is our important property. During the hospital I always thinking about how to changing my daily routine. The doctor said I have to take medication continue and back to hospital to do some test after a week. The most important things is I must to drink more and more water, and take enough rest. Having this experience I will take more care of myself, and my family, too. Healthy is important to us, so the normal daily routine is very important. 2