“A Do-it-Yourself Society” Main idea:

“A Do-it-Yourself Society”
Main idea:
The U.S.A is a society where people are proud of their accomplishments by hand so
that the business of DIY is prosperous and they can keep family privacy,
independence and freedom from responsibility; therefore, they enjoy their leisure time
by sharing ideas for decorating houses and visiting each other’s homes.
In the U.S.A. even people can afford to hire servants or pay for expensive services,
they would like to handle their own things by themselves—a DIY society. They don’t
think it is a shame to get down to trivial chores on their own and therefore, the stores
with different aims of DIY tasks are prosperous throughout the nation. Without the
interference of servants, they can keep their privacy, become independent and get rid
of responsibility. Moreover, they like to share their ideas of DIY tasks, for instance the
design and decorations of houses, with others by discussing and visiting each other’s
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