20 Fun Activities for Teens During the Summer: )

20 Fun Activities for Teens During the Summer:
(Ideas by teen blogger Eric Porteous)
Backyard camping.
Chutes and Ladders Tournament.
Volunteer some of your time for that 'Cause' you 'liked' on Facebook.
Create a short movie or documentary.
Christmas in July.
Whiffle Ball Homerun Derby.
Help with younger kids at community club or church.
Slip and Slide races.
Make a photo collage of favorite memories.
Learn something new.
Miniature Golf Tournament. (Make your own course)
Water balloon fight.
Find a fun job (like umpiring for Little League)
Backwards Day. (Eat dessert first, etc.)
Photo scavenger hunt.
Host your own 'Minute to Win It' game show.
Invent a new game in the pool.
Create new food/beverage concoctions.*
Read or write for fun. (Draw your own illustrations)
Be a counselor at summer camp (or with siblings*).
(*idea added by compiler)