AVID I Syllabus and Policies San Juan High School

AVID I Syllabus and Policies
San Juan High School
Mrs. Durkee, room D-1
Email: rdurkee@sanjuan.edu
Voicemail: 971-5360 x6719
Website: http://www.sanjuan.edu/webpages/rdurkee
Course Description
Welcome to AVID! The AVID I course is an elective class for students. All freshmen who enroll at New San
Juan High School will complete AVID I. This elective course will provide students with college and career
awareness, tutoring and mentoring services, organization, and student success strategies. These components
will provide freshmen with a strong foundation in high school, increasing their academic success and
career/college awareness.
Course Objectives:
The students will:
 Learn time management
 Maintain an organized AVID binder
 Practice goal-setting skills
 Create a four-year academic plan
 Demonstrate note-taking skills
 Practice oral language skills through impromptu and demonstration speeches as well as
curricular and tutorial activities
 Work effectively in collaborative groups
 Learn strategies for test preparation
 Study and develop strategies for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT
 Be exposed to Socratic Seminar
 Participate in activities which promote college awareness and cultural understanding
 Explore critical and creative thinking strategies
 Develop and refine reading skills
 Demonstrate adequate vocabulary development
Course Content:
AVID Binder
Note taking skills
Time Management
Collaborative Teamwork
College Life
Formal Essay Writing
Goal Setting skills
Listening skills
Oral Presentation skills
Reading skills
Study skills
PSAT/SAT/ACT test-taking skills
Vocabulary development
Required Instructional Materials
Students are required to bring required materials daily.
 Two four inch binders: one for even days and one for odd days
 Binder Paper, pouch, two #2 pencils, and two blue or black pens
 One spiral notebook to be used for AVID
 Dividers (one per class period)
 School planner (provided by the school)
Student materials will be checked every other week for points. It is important to have these throughout the school year.
Grading Policy
Grades will be based on benchmark assignments, test scores, essay scores, homework, class participation and
projects. Homework, class work, quizzes, projects, tests, and essays are worth points assigned by the teacher
between 5-100 points. All points will accumulate to determine the final grade. Students’ grades will be updated
and posted on Zangle.
Grades will be based on the following percentages:
100 – 90% = A
89 – 80% = B
79 – 70% = C
69 – 60% = D
Less than 59% = F
Late Work
Half of the credit will be deducted for any assignment submitted after the due date. Due dates are clearly articulated, and
students are required to keep track of assignments and due dates in their school planners and assignment record sheets.
Attendance and Tardy Policy
Make-up work from absences is each student’s responsibility. Parents are encouraged to use Zangle to check attendance.
Hall Passes
Students are required to have their school planners with them daily. Hall passes are provided in the back of the school
Disruptive Devices
Cell phones, headphones, and iPods must be turned off and out of sight during lectures or instructional time.
Beginning Class Procedures
1. Mrs. Durkee will stand at the door during the passing period. When the door is shut, class begins and everyone
must be in his/her seat ready to learn. Students who are not in their seats are considered tardy and will need to
sign the tardy clipboard.
2. When class begins, students should begin the SAT Question of the Day, Word of the Day, and update their
planner and assignment sheet with new assignments.
3. When enough time has passed for the first direction of the day to be completed and roll is taken, Mrs. Durkee will
greet the class, and make announcements in order to begin the lesson or activity.
Classroom Expectations
(Rules to be followed everyday for the entire class period.)
1. Show respect to all people and ideas.
2. Come to class prepared: writing utensils, binder, books, homework, and school planner.
3. Try to be your best.
Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior
1st Offense: A request for courtesy. Mrs. Durkee will make a note of the offense committed. This information will be
shared a parent conferences.
2nd Offense: Parent call and/or conference. The student and Mrs. Durkee will attempt to call the student’s parent
regarding the offense committed. A parent conference may be arranged at that time.
3rd Offense: Office referral.
Positive Rewards
1. Positive note or phone call to parents.
2. Spartan of the Week. A student from each class is selected weekly to reward for improvements or overall
excellent behavior or academic achievement.
3. Special treat or activity.
4. End of the year award ceremony and celebration.
If you have read and agree with the above syllabus and policies for AVID I class, please print and sign
your name below.
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Parent/Guardian Email address: _____________________________________________
How would you prefer to be contacted regarding your child’s attendance, grades, and behavior in this class?
Please circle first choice: Cell Phone Home Phone Email Postal Mail
Is there anything you would like Mrs. Durkee to know about your child? Parent comments?