Reading Log 金喜愛 Your name Student No.

Reading Log (for short stories)
Your name
Student No.
It Ain’t So Bad
Reading level
Please answer at least two of the following questions. Your answers should be at
least 150 words.
1. What was the main problem in the story? State the problem, how the main
character dealt with it, and how you would have dealt with it differently.
Because their mother was in some kind of trouble. They had to living apart.
So ‘He’ and Jimmy living in a foster home. Jimmy was real worried. And missed
her mother a lot. ‘He’ also had a funny feeling. But ‘He’ just watched TV. Just
tried to forget it. If I were them, I will try to think more positive. I’ll do various
activities with my friends. I will newfound confidence. I will love myself! And I
will look for work. Make some money and use it for good things. For example,
donate a part of the earnings to the needy.
2. Write a letter to one of the characters giving him or her advice about dealing
with problems.
Hi Jimmy, I am Hee Ae. Let me advise you a bit. I hope this is of some help to
you. I know how sad you are. But don’t waste time to be sad! Don’t worry about
your mother. Don’t get too serious. You have to be brave, like your brother said.
Feel good about yourself! What is your dream? You can think what you should
do to make your dreams come true. If you want to be happy, then do your best.
Please remember this saying, “No pains, No gains”. Go for it! Don’t be a
chicken. Don’t be afraid. You can do it!! Keep your chin up! Well, I support you,
all the way. Take care, I will send a letter again. Bye.
From Kim Hee Ae
3. Make up a different ending for the story.
4. What experiences or memories did the story remind you of?