The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition consultative process

The Global Forum on
Food Security and Nutrition
Involving regional stakeholders in the
consultative process
17 December 2014
Max F. Blanck
FSN Forum Policy Networks Officer, FAO
What is stakeholder dialogue/involvement?
“An integral part of a stepwise process of decision making.
At different phases, involvement may take the form of sharing information,
consulting, dialoguing, or deliberating on decisions.
It should be seen always as a meaningful part of formulating and
implementing good policy.
Stakeholder involvement techniques should not be viewed as convenient
tools for ‘public relations’, image-building or winning acceptance for a
decision taken behind closed doors.”
Definition by the NEA/OECD Forum on stakeholder
Who are stakeholders?
 Civil society organizations  Governments
 Think tanks
 Technical cooperation
 Donors
 The general population
 International agencies
 Media
 Legislators
 Private sector
 Financial institutions
 Your organization…
… and many more
Lessons learned for good engagement
Recognize that stakeholder definitions vary from country to country and from context to context
Be flexible and take account of local and national cultural norms
Appreciate that many people have no experience of involvement in decision-making (both ways)
Demonstrate accountability (who is responsible for what?)
Be clear about the purpose and indicate clearly where influence is possible
Identify and understand stakeholder concerns from the beginning
Build trust
Allow the strategy to evolve with time and experience
Allow sufficient time (it always takes longer than expected!)
Consider multilanguage coverage carefully (cost/benefit)
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