Baptism and Lord’s Supper in the NT May, 2016 Wendell Willis

BIBL 671.01
Wendell Willis
BSB 320
Baptism and Lord’s Supper in the NT
May, 2016
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The purpose of this course is to examine the Biblical texts which are important for the
understanding of baptism and the Lord’s Supper in the earliest church. This study also involves
consideration of pre-Christian practices (both Jewish and Greek) and post-New Testament
discussions among Christian leaders. While the focus is upon the NT texts themselves, we will also
look at texts both prior to and subsequent to those, alert to possible guidance for church life.
Required textbooks
G. R. Beasley-Murray. Baptism in the New Testament. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1973.
Everett Ferguson. Early Christians Speak, Vol. 1. Abilene: ACU Press, 1999 (3rd ed.).
Eugene LaVerdiere. The Eucharist in the New Testament and the Early Church. Collegeville:
Liturgical Press, 1996. ISBN 0814661521
Leonard J. Vander Zee. Christ, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Downers Grove: Inter-Varsity
Press, 2004. ISBN 0 8308 2786 2
Lima Faith and Order Paper, “Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry.” 1982.
There will be additional readings on Canvas (marked*). An email reminder will be sent.
Graded Assignments
1. A test at the first class meeting covering Beasley-Murray, pp. 1-305.
2. A critical book review on Leonard J. Vander Zee, Christ, Baptism and the Lord’s
Supper. This review should be 10-12 pages. Reviews should deal with both the NT texts,
and early Christian comments, as well as implications for the present time. The critical
book review is due June 20. It is to be submitted in hard and electronic copy (unless you
live outside the U.S.).
3. A theology of either the Lord’s Supper or Baptism, in which you explain how you would use
guidance from the New Testament and early Christian practice to shape how the Lord’s Supper
(or Baptism) should be understood and practiced today. This is to be placed in the context of a
church of 200-400 members today, in the area where you live. It is NOT to be house churches,
or special occasions—Easter, Christmas, etc. This is a research paper and is to be 12-14 pages
typed double spaced, with at least 8 sources, it must be submitted in hard and electronic copy by
August 1 (unless you live outside the U.S.).
Initial exam on Beasley-Murray:
Critical book review:
Research paper:
Class attendance and participation:
Class Schedule (This is tentative as to specifics of time and readings)
Begin with test over Beasley-Murray pp. 1-305;
Discussion of the covenant theology of the Bible
Discuss baptism in Paul (Rom 6; l Cor. 1:13-17; 10:1-12; 12:13;
Gal 3:26,27; Col 2:11—3:13; Eph 5:26; Titus 3:5-7)
* J. D. G. Dunn excerpt and Everett Ferguson Response
Discuss the baptism of John and baptism in the gospels (Matt 3:13-17;
20:20f.; 28:19; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21f.; 12;50; John 1:29-34)
Discuss baptism in the book of Acts and rest of NT
Acts 2:17-41; 8; 9; 10: 16; 19: Heb. 5:11-6:6; 10:19-25; I Peter, esp. 3:20f.;
James 2:7; l John 2:20,27; 5:6-8; Rev. 7; 14
Examine post-New Testament Christian discussions of baptism
(Didache, Ignatius; Justin Martyr; Tertullian, Hippolytus)
*Ferguson, Chaps. 3, 4 and 5.
*Jon Isaak, “Baptism in the Early Church” Direction 33 (2004), 3-20.
Suggestions regarding pre-Christian initiatory rites and their
relationship with early Christian practices.
*A. J. M. Wedderburn, “The Soteriology of the Mysteries and Pauline
Baptismal Theology.” NovT 29 (1987): 53-72
Infant Baptism, Beasley-Murray: 306-344, 359-386
*David Wright “The Origins of Infant Baptism—Child
Believers’ baptism: Scottish Journal of Theology 40 (1987): 1-23.
Lord’s Supper in Paul (l Cor 10, 11), its significance and development
*Jeffrey Peterson, “From Passover to Eucharist”
Other New Testament texts (Matt. 26:6-29; Mark 14:22-25;
Luke 9:16; 13:29; 22:15-27; 24:30-35; Acts 2:41-46; 6:1-6;
20:7-12, 27:33-38; Hebrews 13:15f.; l Pet 2:3-5; Jude 12; Rev 19)
*Allan McNicol, “The Words of Institution”
Post-New Testament Christian discussions (Didache; Pliny;
Ignatius; Justin Martyr; Tertullian) *Ferguson, Chaps 8-11.
* C. John Collins, “The Eucharist as Christian Sacrifice: How Patristic
Authors Can Help Us Read the Bible,” WTJ 66 (2004) 1-23.
Suggestions about possible influence and relationship with pre-
Christian and pagan religions and their religious meals.
* Bruce M. Metzger, “Considerations of Methodology in the Study of the
Mystery Religions and Early Christianity,” HTR 48 (1955):1-20.
Assessment of the role of baptism and Lord’s Supper in the total
worship gathering of early pre-Nicean Christianity
Ferguson, Chaps. 6 and 7.
Discussion of the informative role of early Christian practice and
theology upon the life of the present church.
* Robert Stein, “Baptism and Becoming a Christian in the New
Testament,” Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 2 (1998): 6-17
*Sharon Warner, “The Gate to the Communion Table,” Lexington
Theological Quarterly 40 (2005): 127-130.
* Jerry L. Sumney, “A Communion Table for the Baptized,” Lexington
Theological Quarterly 40 (2005): 221-223.
Sharyn Dowd, “The Invitation to the Lord’s Table,” Lexington
Theological Quarterly 40 (2005), 276-280.
* Lima Faith and Order Paper, “Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry.”
* Peter J Leithart, “The Way Things Really Ought to be: Eucharist,
Eschatology, and Culture,” WTJ 59 (1997): 159-170.
Books: General
Baillie, Donald. The Theology of the Sacraments. New York: Scribner’s 1957.
Barth, Karl. The Teaching of the Church Regarding Baptism. London: SCM, 1948.
Belcastro, Joseph. The Relationship of Baptism to Church Membership. St. Louis:
Bethany 1963
Bradshaw, Paul. Early Christian Worship. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 1996.
_________. Search for the Origins of Christian Worship. New York, Oxford University Press,
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Articles: General
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Books: Baptism
Baillie, D. M. The Theology of the Sacraments and other papers. New York: Scribner, 1957.
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Articles: Baptism
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