Martin Luther King Jr. Regan Lee 2 nd

Martin Luther King Jr.
Regan Lee
Background knowledge
• Birthdate: January 15, 1929
• Birthplace: Atlanta , GA
• Death date: April 4, 1968
• Family makeup:
Mom: Alberta Williams King
Dad: Martin Luther King, Sr.
sister: Christine King Farris (older)
Brother: Alfred Daniel Williams King (younger)
child 1: Martin Luther King III
Child 2: Dexter Scott King
Child 3: Yolanda King
Child 4: Bernice Albertine King
• Elementry: David T. Howard Elementary
• Middle school: Booker T. Washington High
• College:Atlanta's Morehouse college
• Marrige: june 18, 1953
• “I had a dream” speech: August 28, 1963
• Death: April 4,1968
Wednesday Wars
In the novel Wednesday War Martin
Luther dies and Holling, Meryl Lee, Mr. Kowalski, Walter
Cronkite,and Holling’s family were very upset.Holling’s
sister seems to be more effected by his death. The novel
states “And that was why one afternoon I was in Meryl
Lee’s kitchen,working on making the California Gold Rush
relevant to You, when Mr.Kowalski came home and told us
what he had heard on the car radio: that Martin Luther
King, Jr., who was in Memphis helping striking sanitation
workers, had been shot and killed. He died, Mr Kowalski
said, just after he asked a friend to play “Precious Lord,
Take My Hand.’’That night , my sisterwould not come
down to supper.
I have a dream:
“I have a dream that one day every
valley shall be exalted, exalted hill
and mountain…”
'What are you doing for others?
Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see
the whole staircase.
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about
things that matter…
‘Every genuine expression of love grows out of a
consistent and total surrender to god’