Ch. 3 Culture

Ch. 3 Culture
Out-of-wedlock births
Mystery: Why did the Dad kill the
daughter who married for love?
Your response
 Culture
Stoning to death
Disc#2 Gender Series #1
What do you think about this
Advantages to the society?
 Are we being ethnocentric when we
condemn Sharia justice?
Should we practice cultural relativity?
Why is the punishment carried out in
Does one country have the right to tell
another country what should be
acceptable in that culture?
 Women’s rights?
John Howard – Australia
 What are the advantages &
disadvantages of ethnocentrism?
 What are the advantages &
disadvantages of cultural relativism?
How are you different because of the
culture you were raised in?
 What did your culture give you?
 What in your culture could be detrimental
to you?
Why is it important to understand
people’s cultural differences?
How can it help in international and
business relations, personal relations, or in
your personal self concept?
What T.V. programs or video games
support our cultural values of money,
competition, beauty, youth, individualism
and self-expression?
Should a culture ever make a decision not
to use technology?
 Electronic eavesdropping
How could electronic information chips
implanted in your arm to track you on the
internet change our culture?
Currently driver’s licenses and passports
can have info. Chips.
 Would it reduce crime?
 Would you be willing to give up your
What judgments do you make about
someone with tattoos, piercings, Goth
dress or hair, or gang symbols?
How did you make these judgments?
 Could this be a subculture or
Do you see a global culture emerging?
Is that good or bad?
 What is gained or lost?
What happens when you go to
another culture?
Your response
 Culture shock
 Examples
How does culture you were born
into effect you?
Your ideas
 Norms
 Folkways
 Mores
 Taboos
What happens when you
encounter another culture?
How does culture control your
What causes cultures to
Do all aspects of a culture
change at the same rate?
What occurs when we are
What happens if we agree to
cultural relativism?
Should there be limits to cultural
How do conflict, and ideas
change society?
How did the ipod change society
Without culture, what would we
How does culture allow us to
remake out world?
What examples do you have of
culture shock?
Big idea you can use!
Think about how
your culture
influences your
beliefs and
judgments of