Case Study Group Presentation Assignment

Case Study Group Presentation Assignment
Your group will present about one case study. You must identify the person’s barriers to success
and present the resources you think will help this individual. You must present at least one
resource per person in your group. For example, if you have 3 people in your group, each
person will present one resource for a total of 3 resources.
Your oral presentation should be at least 3 minutes but not more than five minutes total. This
must include a brief summary of the case study. Everyone in your group must present equally.
You will also create and use a short PowerPoint presentation as a part of your assignment. You
Review the PowerPoint handout and how-to video in Angel.
Create one PowerPoint presentation to accompany your group presentation.
Review and follow the steps on the Making Oral Presentations handout.
Please make an outline, but don’t read your notes when you present.
Please turn in a draft of your PowerPoint presentation by [DATE].
Please complete and turn in an outline for your presentation by [DATE].
Please turn in a final copy of your PowerPoint presentation by [DATE].
You will present about your experience on [DATES].
After your presentation, you will listen to your presentation again in Angel and complete the
Oral Self-Evaluation handout about your group. (Due [DATE])
You will also listen to another group’s presentation and use the Oral Peer Evaluation handout to
evaluate them. (Due [DATE])
TLC Project 2010 – Permission granted for classroom use only
Content – Your ideas were clear, on-topic and easy to understand.
Organization- You ideas were organized with an introduction, body and conclusion.
Grammar- Your sentence structure, tense and grammar use didn’t interfere with meaning.
Vocabulary – You used appropriate words and expressions for the topic.
Fluency- You spoke at a good speed, not to fast or slow.
Pronunciation- Your pronunciation didn’t interfere with understanding.
TLC Project 2010 – Permission granted for classroom use only