Informational Interview Oral Presentation Assignment

Informational Interview Oral Presentation Assignment
You will present your experience conducting an informational interview. Your oral presentation
should be at least 3 minutes but not more than five minutes.
Review and follow the steps on the Making Oral Presentations handout.
Please make an outline but don’t read your notes when you present.
Optional: You can create and use a short PowerPoint presentation as a part of your
assignment. It isn’t necessary, but if you do, you can review the handout, template and
how-to video in Angel.
Please complete and turn in an outline for your presentation by [DATE].
You will present about your experience on [DATES].
After your presentation, you will listen to your presentation again in Angel and complete the
Oral Self-Evaluation handout about yourself. (Due [DATE])
You will also listen to another classmate’s presentation and use the Oral Peer Evaluation
handout to evaluate him or her. (Due [DATE])
Content – Your ideas were clear, on-topic and easy to understand.
Organization- You ideas were organized with an introduction, body and conclusion.
Grammar- Your sentence structure, tense and grammar use didn’t interfere with meaning.
Vocabulary – You used appropriate words and expressions for the topic.
Fluency- You spoke at a good speed, not too fast or slow.
Pronunciation- Your pronunciation didn’t interfere with understanding.
TLC Project 2010 – Permission granted for classroom use only