Comparison/Contrast Essay Checklist



Comparison/Contrast Essay Checklist

Student Name: ______________________________ Student Grade: _________/100 points

Format ____________/10 points:

 Title is centered.

First line of each paragraph is indented.

There are margins on both sides.

 Text is double-space, size 12.

 The essay includes the student’s name, instructor’s name, date, and assignment title in the upper-left hand corner.

 The essay includes a list of Works Cited along with in-text citations.

Content & Organization ____________/45 points:

 The essay addresses the topic by comparing and contrasting two careers.

The essay follows the outline and has a clear, introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction includes a thesis statement.

 Each body paragraph discusses a new point and begins with a clear topic sentence.

 The body paragraphs have specific supporting details.

Each body paragraph has unity and coherence.

The writer uses transitions to connect paragraphs.

There is a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main point or paraphrases the thesis statement.

Grammar/Sentence Structure/Spelling/Mechanics ____________/45 points:

The summary has been edited and does not include any major and/or distracting grammar errors.

 Sentences are complete.

Punctuation and Capitalization is used correctly.

Spelling is accurate.