Name: _______________________________________ Abandoned Bear Convince

Name: _______________________________________
Future 4, Unit 3, New Vocabulary List
1. Abandoned: (adj.) not being used or taken care of
2. Bear (fruit) (v): to produce
3. Convince: (v.) to persuade, to get someone to agree with you
4. Donation (n): money that is given to a person or organization
5. Environment: (n.) the natural world
6. Establish (v): to start or set up something
7. Foundation (n): or organization that collects money for charity
8. Go Green: (v + o) controlling pollution, conserving energy, planting trees,
9. Identify: (v.) to say who someone is or what something is
10. Increase: (v.) to make the size or amount of something larger
11. Inference: (n.) a logical guess that we make by looking for “clues” in a
piece of writing
12. Investigate: (v.) to try to find out the truth about something
13. Pride: (n.) a feeling of satisfaction
14. Recipient (n): a person who receives something
15. Reduce: (v.) to make the size or amount of something smaller (decrease)
16. Resident: (n.) a person who lives in a particular place
17. Run-down: (adj.) in very bad condition
18. Urge: (v.) to “push” (or try hard to get) someone to do something.
19. Value: (n.) the money something is worth