16-Study Guide Adolescents-Psychosocial Development

16-Study Guide
Adolescents-Psychosocial Development
#1-When Erikson’s concept of identity has not yet been achieved it creates identity
diffusion, also called role confusion, along with foreclosure and moratorium. Please
discuss each of these and how they affect the development of an identity.
#2-Discuss the four areas of identity formation and their usual outcomes.
#3-Discuss an adolescents relationship with adults, including the effects of conflict
with parents and parental neglect.
#4-Discuss the four aspects of closeness within the family and how each of these can
be encouraged.
#5-Discuss parental monitoring and what encourages a positive or negative
approach to this.
#6-Discuss the selection of friends and how this selection can facilitate either
positive or destructive behavior.
#7-Discuss the suicide ideas during adolescence, and whether boys or girls are more
apt to attempt suicide or be successful at it.
#8-Discuss the ages during which drug use is most common, the differences
between boys and girls in this, and the harm from drugs such as tobacco, alcohol
and marijuana.
#9-Discuss the strategies presented for preventing drug abuse.