 80% of American women have a child by age 45

 64% of women 15-44 are on contraceptives

Good contraception web site

 Emory University




 Oral sex

 Anal intercourse

 It can be a viable form of birth control

It is not “safe sex” you can still get STD.s

Who is likely to use contraception ineffectively?

 People who feel guilty about sex

Oral contraceptives

 Advantages

 Very effective (99%+)

 Increase spontaniety and enjoyment

 Risks are much lower than pregnancy

 Disadvantages

 Decrease sexual motivation

 Water weight gain

 Problems with blood clots (in some users)

Types of pills

 Constant dose combination pill

 Most common

 Multiphasic pill

 Both types prevent conception by inhibiting ovulation

 Mini pill

 Progestin only

Danger signs for pill users =


A bdominal pain

C hest Pain

 Heart attack

H eadaches

E ye problems

 Blurred vision

Light flashes


S evere leg pain

 Blood clot in leg

The patch

Estrogen and progestin

1 patch a week for 3 weeks on & 1 week off

99% effective (similar to pill)

Prevent ovulation

Increase cervical mucus

Intrauterine Device - IUD

 Danger signs = PAINS

 P eriod late or no period

 A bdominal pain

 I ncreased temperature, fever, chills

 N asty discharge

 Foul smelling

 S potting, bleeding, heavy periods, clots

IUD effectiveness due to:

 Copper

 Progesterone

 Irritation in uterus

 Makes implantation unlikely

IUD in uterus

Male Condoms

 With Nonoxynol-9

 Additional protection against STD’s

 How to use

Female condoms


 One of the least effective birth control methods

Cervical cap



 Progestin only

 Injection

 Once every 12 weeks (3months)

Emergency contraception

 High dose of estrogens or progestins

Contraceptive patch for women

 a/about_ortho_evra.html

Norplant Implants

 Progestin only

 Best for a woman who smokes cigarettes, has high blood pressure, is forgetful, and likes spontaneous sex

 Legal problems (several law suits filed against this product)

Basal Body Temp.

(Rhythm Method)

What is the leading method of birth control in the United


 Sterilization

Male sterilization


Vasectomy reversal



Female sterilization

Female Sterilization (Cont.)


 4 periods a year

 Low-dose estrogen and progestin

 12 weeks of active pills + 1 week of dummy pills

 Twice the risk of

“breakthrough” bleeding

Seasonale (Cont.)

 Pill - similar to other pills with hormones

 84 pink hormone pills and 7 white inactive pills

 Withdrawal bleeding should occur during the 7 days following discontinuation of pink active tablets.

 One period every three month.


Estrogen hormone ring

Insert in vagina

Worn 3 out of 4 weeks

Position not critical

Low dose hormone = low side effects