Chapter 15 Presidential Government

Chapter 15
Presidential Govt.
 Democratic system in which the legislative and
executive bodies are elected and exist separately.
 Both have legislative responsibilities
 Do not have to have a consensus as with Parliament
 Often roles, accountability hard to pinpoint
Parties in Pres. Govt.
Party ties looser than in Parliamentary system b/c
party does not choose executive
No guarantee that party that holds the executive
will also have a majority in the legislative branch
Executive Leaders
 May have no pre-existing relationship with legislative
 Leaders can be largely unknown to many in party
 Can bring varied talents and backgrounds
 Selection can be haphazard
Executive Branch
 Operate in relative separation from legislative branch
(separation of powers)
 Makes accountability difficult
 Lack of regular means of review
Hybrid Presidential Govt.
 System where a president with more than ceremonial
power co-exists with a premier and cabinet who are
responsible to a parliament.
 Executive decisions are shared by two bodies
 President often has more power in defense and
foreign policy
Constitutional Review
 System where a judicial (or quasi-judicial) body of
government can annul acts of other parts of
government if those acts are contrary to the state’s