All About Our 1 Presentation! Topic Due

All About Our 1st Presentation!
Topic: School/Life Success Strategies
Due: 6th and 7th of October
Length: 5-6 minutes
Groups: PAIRS ONLY!*
Visual Aid? Yes! PowerPoint presentation, Prezi, or visually pleasing paper handouts are
acceptable. Movie clips, music, or YouTube, etc. are also ok, BUT! 85-90% of your
presentation must be YOU speaking!!
Brainstorm ideas about what success is and what it takes, or what you must do, to be
“successful”! What aspect of life do you want to talk about? Success in college and education?
Succeeding at work? At home with your family? Life in general (ex: achieving happiness,
nirvana, etc.)?
Choose a speaking partner that you can work worth efficiently and who shares similar interests.
Partner’s Name:
Chosen Topic (What aspect of success do you want to focus on? School? Work? Family?):
Agree on a time to meet in the library or somewhere to research and plan your
*For the 2nd presentation, you must work with a different partner!