All About Our FINAL Presentation! Topic Due Length

All About Our FINAL Presentation!
Topic: Using Cues when you give a lecture AND 1 aspect of “Culture” that you would like to
explain to our class
Due: March 16th and 17th – Monday and Tuesday
Length: 6-7 minutes
Groups: Individual only!
Visual Aid? Yes! PowerPoint presentation or Prezi.
1. Research 1 aspect of another country’s culture that you are interested in and would like
to find out more about
2. Watch 1 video about that aspect and send me the link for approval
([email protected]) – due Thursday March 12th
It must be in SPOKEN ENGLISH, not subtitled in English
3. You must take notes while watching the video!
***Your notes are due for points the day of your presentation!***
4. Your presentation must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You can research it but you can
NOT memorize Wikipedia and just repeat – I can tell if you do this. Anything that you
really want to quote must be accredited to the source (no more than 15% of your
5. You must use cues to Introductions and Conclusions, and at least 2 Patterns of
Organization that we have learned in Units 6 -8. Send me your general outline with 2
Patterns of Organization you are going to use. – due Sunday, March 15.
Hook? Grab our attention: Ask a question, tell a story, give a surprising fact or statistic
Why did you choose this topic? Why is it interesting to you?
Cues to Intro and Organization
Information organized in a logical and clear manner
You can also use information from your video
Remember, just focus on 1 aspect of another culture
Use 2 Organizational patterns
Is the information interesting?
Is the information organized?
Use Cues to Conclusions
What is something surprising that you learned about your topic?
Make a summary of your main points