DAC Student Panels

DAC Student Panels
 The first student panel the DAC Subcommittee set up in 2007 focused on the rank area of National
Origin, featuring students from a variety of countries outside of the USA, including both international
students and refugee/immigrant students.
 Each year in Spring Quarter, we have continued to organize a Student Panel Presentation in the same
manner. Student Panels have included 4-6 students each time, with audiences of typically 20-40 NSCC
faculty, staff and administrators in attendance.
 Rank areas covered include: Students of Color in 2008, Gender in 2009, Students with Disabilities in
2010, LGBQ Students in 2011, and Students of Color again in the fall Quarter of 2011. The
Subcommittee is currently planning a student panel focusing on Social Class Rank for Spring Quarter
 The Student Panels have raised awareness on campus and have led to some changes in college
practices. The committee has followed up with the college community to update the nondiscrimination statement and address complaints of discriminatory behavior.