Sample Examples Policy Position

Sample Examples
Policy Position
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1. State the Issue:
The United States Federal Government should pass a law requiring a National Single payer system for
Health Care and prohibit insurance company from selling comprehensive private Health Insurance.
2. The Pro Position or the Argument(s) for:
Health care costs are too high in the U.S. Other Westernized countries that have a nationalized or single
payer health care system have costs significantly lower than the U.S. and their citizens have just as good,
or generally better health and better health outcomes.
3. The Con Position or the Argument(s) against:
Improvement in the quality of goods and services, and reductions in cost have only occurred in
industries and markets that are generally free and competitive. A nationalize health care system would
reduce quality of care and increase cost even more.
4. The Counter Argument(s) to the For position:
The health care cost savings that other westernize national are achieved because health care is rationed
and the quality of health care is generally lower. Data that shows American’s health to be average, or
below average does not reflect the fact that Americans are sicker. This is due to higher levels of obesity,
which accounts for 33% higher cost of care. Also 90% of all health care innovation and advancement
come from the US. This cost of innovation is borne almost entirely by the U.S. health system.
5. The Counter Argument to the Against position:
Free and competitive markets have allowed insurance companies to charge more for health while
reducing benefit and increasing profits. Advertising and innovations have increased the demand for
unnecessary procedures that increase the cost of health care for everyone.
6. Which way would you decide and Why:
I would support U.S. adopting a Nationalize or single payer system because it would reduce the overall
cost of health care in the U.S.
7. The expected or projected positive economic or business impact:
This would eliminate the profits generated by insurance companies, the waste of ineffective care and
the demand for unneeded drugs or operations. These savings would offset any additional cost due to
additional government regulations or involvement.
8. The expected or projected negative economic or business impact:
Health Insurance companies would need to close and or layoff off millions of workers. Government
programs can hire these displaced workers, or potentially could contract to private companies to handle
all single payer health care claim processing. In addition, with the cost of health dropping, this would
boast the profitability for all other companies by lowering the employee health care cost. Companies
can increase wages of existing employees, and they would invest and hire more staff. It is true that
innovation for new medical inventions would slow down, but this would also more time to determine if
the innovation is actually effective and improves the health of people.
9. Why your decision is good for the market:
While this would restraint innovations and limited certain health care choices, this would reduce the cost
of health care and allow the government and private companies to hire more people and invest in other
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Sample Examples
areas that more effectively help economic growth and increase prosperity
Business SWOT Analysis
This is a short abbreviated sample and should not be view as a completed sample paper – for illustration
purposes only
1. State the business idea:
Running a Palliative (end of life or hospice-like) Care programs that will help doctors, patients, and their
families make better end of life decisions, increase the possibly of dying with dignity while at the same
time reducing costs, avoid invasive, unnecessary, and ineffective operations.
2. Strengths
Reduce cost of health care for government and businesses, allowing them spend their money in more
effective ways. Improve human dignity for the dying.
3. Weakness:
People don’t like deal with end of life/ death issues. Health care providers have a powerful monetary
incentive to do as much as they can, and would be passively resistance to the concept.
4. Opportunities:
There is a tremendous need for programs that can help reduce the cost of care. The government,
employers and people are not able to afford the cost care, and this would be way to reduce it with
minimal impact on overall productivity.
5. Threats:
Relatives and Interest groups are, or can be concerned with the denial care, the so-called “death
panels,” and that these programs are simply designed to withhold care in order to reduce costs.
6. Your strategy and the reasons why:
Market the dignity and humane aspects of palliative care and develop “posh” hospice facilities that
enhance the business’ image. If people see how much more humane the palliative care program is, they
will be less resistive, and may even be willing to set up plans for themselves to be treated this way when
their time comes.
7. How you will mitigate weaknesses (in response to #3):
There are concerns that doctors and hospital are doing unnecessary care because they can make more
money, or feel they care learn more from the experience - i.e. experimenting on patients who are going
to die any ways. Need to promote this concept so people can see the negative side of heroic efforts, and
understand that they are not always so noble.
8. How you will address threats?
Develop a market campaign around the concept of people’s concerns for dying with dignity and
spending their last days comfortable and cared for rather then moving in and out of hospitals and
surgeries and being treated them more like a medical experience than a human being. Have doctor
spoke person speak about the important of deciding before hand how they wish to be treated when
operations can only extend their life in a degraded manner, and emphasis the quality of life over
(This is a single space example to save space and Paper – please use double space when completing
assignments so that there is room for grading comments)