ESL 061/ 062 Syllabus

North Seattle Community College – Arts, Humanities & Adult Basic Education
ESL 061/ 062 Syllabus
Instructor: Karen Sandy
(10 credits)
Office Hours: Make an appointment
Class hours: Daily 9:00 – 10:50 a.m.
Office: IB 3411A
Classroom: IB3417
Tel: (206) 528-4554
Computer Lab (most Thursdays): IB 3305
Email: [email protected]
Course Dates: January 4 to March 18
No Class: Mon, Jan 17; Fri, Jan 28, Mon, Feb 21
Course Description
ESL 062 is a course for advanced ESL students with a focus on academic writing, increasing reading
comprehension, improving grammar and vocabulary and improving listening and speaking skills. This is
a hybrid course and some of the activities and work will be completed using Angel, an online learning
program. (Pre-requisites: ESL 061 or NSCC ESL placement test)
Textbook (Required): (Available in the college bookstore)
Academic Connections 3 by Julia Williams and David Hill (Pearson Longman)
You must have access to the online MyAcademicConnections lab. Quizzes will be built around this.
Understanding and Using English Grammar 4th Edition, Betty Azar(Pearson Longman)
A thumb drive for saving files in the computer lab
Folder or binder. Please be organized.
8 ½ by 11 sized lined paper and a pen, pencil and highlighters.
*Please bring all supplies to class everyday.
Some course rules and expectations
1. Daily and punctual attendance. Please contact me only if you will have a two-day absence.
This is a 10-credit DAILY class. It is not a three- or four-day per week class. Occasional absences
are OK, but please do not ask my permission to attend four days a week. The answer is NO.
2. Daily preparation for class work.
3. Timely completion of class work, homework and online assignments
4. Participation in classroom and online activities
5. Cell phones: If you have a cell phone, turn it off or set it to vibrate. If you are expecting an
important phone call, please let me know. PLEASE do not spend class time text messaging.
6. Children are not allowed in the classroom. Please do not bring them.
7. No smoking in the classrooms.
Course requirements and assessment
This class is pass or fail. The possible grades at the end of the quarter:
English as a Second Language Program
Fall 2010
North Seattle Community College – Arts, Humanities & Adult Basic Education
S = The student passed the class. (= 75% and above, overall)
Y = The student worked hard in the class, but is not ready to exit ESL & needs to repeat.
NC = The student did not pass the class. The student did very little work or disappeared.
It is a cultural expectation that you contact the teacher if you are unable to continue attending. It is
considered odd in our academic culture to simply disappear. First, we worry, and second, consider this a
job. Would you disappear from a job? Please talk to me if you need to stop attending. We may be able
to find a solution to your problem.
The below is how you will be assessed. After conferencing with me at the end of the quarter, I reserve
the right to make a decision regarding S or Y that best fits you and your situation.
Attendance & Participation
Major Assignments: Essays,
Summaries and Presentations
HW (grammar, book reports, online etc
Quizzes (Grammar, Vocab) and exams
There are no quiz make-ups. I will drop one low score. There will be about 7-9 quizzes.
Registration and Tuition Policy
If you need to drop this class, you should tell the teacher by the end of the second week of the quarter
(on or before January 15th ) or you will not get a refund for this quarter. If you drop the class after
January 15th, you will not be able to get a refund.
Repeat Policy
Washington State says students cannot take the same class more than three (3) times unless they have
permission from the Assistant Dean, Kim Chapman. Please use your time wisely in this class so that you
are prepared to meet your English language goals.
College Transition
You must take the computerized COMPASS test in the Testing Center to place into Developmental
English or English 101 classes. These classes are tuition-based and you may need financial aid so plan
ahead. You may take the COMPASS test at any time. It is a good idea but it is not necessary to
complete ESL 062. Once you transition to Developmental English or English 101 classes, you cannot
take ESL classes. Talk to me if you think you are ready to take the COMPASS test or would like to take
college level classes. Understanding English writing and grammar is extremely important in college
level classes and you may not be ready.
Plagiarism Policy
When you do homework for this class, it must be your own work. Plagiarism is considered dishonest in
American society. It is considered a kind of lie: saying that something is your work when it is not. The
saddest thing for students is that plagiarism and cheating do not help you learn. Students can be
disciplined (or in extreme cases, even expelled from a college or university) for plagiarism, and writers
can lose their jobs for that reason. Here are some examples of plagiarism:
English as a Second Language Program
Fall 2010
North Seattle Community College – Arts, Humanities & Adult Basic Education
Turning in someone else’s work as your own
Copying or paraphrasing words or ideas from someone else without properly citing your source
Failing to put a direct quotation in quotation marks
Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation or paraphrase
Copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work,
whether you give credit or not (see “fair use” rules in the U.S. copyright laws)
Emergency Procedures
If there is extreme weather or other emergencies, classes may be cancelled. Listen to local TV
stations, but I recommend ASSUME classes are running as usual if you do not
hear any cancellation report. Your safety is the most important factor, but I will continue class on the
regular schedule, even if you have to be absent.
Students with Disabilities
Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are
encouraged to contact Disability Services as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are
implemented in a timely fashion. You may make an appointment with Disability Services by calling 5273697 or stopping by the DS office on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center
North Seattle Community College Services and Offices
Help with educational planning
CC 2346A
Buy books, supplies and other class materials
IB 1st floor
CC 2445A
CC 1354B
CC 2346A
CC 2358A
LB, Top
Disability Services
Career Center
Financial Aid
The Loft
Women’s Center
Get help in class if you have a mental illness,
learning problem or physical handicap
Get help with job search, resume, interviews and
career choices
For children 18 months – five years. $ 5.50/hour
for children under 3, $ 4.50/ hour for children 3+
Help with personal issues, studying and career
Help with paying for college
Check out books, magazines, videos, DVDs and
use the computer lab
Writing & Language Tutoring; Self-Study ESL
computer programs
Help with housing, health care, domestic
violence, & child care
CC 2nd floor 206-527-5696
Wellness Center
Exercise ( $25 membership fee for ESL Students)
Money for food, books, school, IBEST, job
TB 1648
English as a Second Language Program
Fall 2010
North Seattle Community College – Arts, Humanities & Adult Basic Education
English as a Second Language Program
Fall 2010