For the persuasive memo assignment, convince someone you know... two 1. An audience analysis of your chosen person in the...

For the persuasive memo assignment, convince someone you know of something. You will write
and email me two documents:
1. An audience analysis of your chosen person in the form of a memo to me; and
2. A memo or letter persuading your chosen person.
Select an Audience
You may choose as the audience of your memo any adult you know, as long as you have met him or
her personally. For example, you might choose:
-Your boss.
Do you want to increase or decrease your hours?
Earn more money? Increase or change your responsibilities?
Receive more credit for your work? Change your job title?
-Your employees.
Do you want them to improve their performance in some specific way?
-Your roommate or housemate:
Do you want him or her to move out?
To clean up more?
To pay household bills on time?
-Your parents:
Do you want them to give you money for a trip, car or new computer?
Let you move back home?
Your spouse or significant other
A member of your organization? A teacher?
Choose anyone you like, as long as you think that person needs to be convinced of something that is
important to you, and there is a realistic possibility of your getting what you’ve asked for. You do
not have to actually send the letter or memo.
Chose a Challenging Situation
Avoid selecting a situation where persuasion will be too easy--where you can expect certain
agreement. For the purposes of this assignment you need a challenge; the possibility or even the
certainty that the answer will be "no." You might come up with a way to make your audience
I encourage you to use this assignment for your own purposes--to figure out how to get something
you want. If something important is at stake for you, it will provide a better parallel to a business
There is no set length for this assignment, as there would be none for such a memo in a business
situation. Rather than asking, "Is it long enough yet?" or saying, "But I wanted to keep it to a single
page, no matter what," consider your audience. Is the length appropriate for the reader?
Please make your memos/letters visually inviting through the use of headlines, lists, white space and
other elements we've discussed as well as what you have learned from your textbook.
In your memo to me, tell me about your audience. Give me any necessary background (family
relationship, business relationship, housemate.) Then, tell me what you want your reader to do, or
refrain from doing. What objections will your reader have to your request? How can you meet those
Be sure to use good “you attitude” in your letter or memo to your reader. Make it clear how the
reader will benefit. This may be hard in cases where you are requesting money from relatives for a
computer or a trip to Europe, but try to put yourself in the place of your audience. What would
motivate you to say “yes?”
In the first memo, which you will write to me, I'm looking for a thorough analysis of your audience
and a complete explanation of the situation. I need enough information to evaluate your memo to
your primary audience, so make sure to cover the areas outlined above.
In the second memo or letter, I expect to see a clear focus (approach and bottom line), including a
specific request for action on your reader's part. Your message should clearly be adapted to this
audience and use convincing specific details and goodwill.
If you receive a lower grade than you'd like, you may rewrite this assignment.