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Peer Writing Feedback
Read over a paper from another student. Read each paper aloud in the group so you can hear the voice of
the writer, exchange papers so the person can comment on a draft and give you feedback on the paper and
on this feedback sheet. Ask the teachers if you are unsure of a question below, but trust yourself to be
helpful readers. Turn in only one draft that shows the progress from this work. ESSAY DUE NOV.24th
1. What is the controlling thesis of this paper? Write it out in your own words. Do you
find reverberations of this thesis throughout the paper? Do you find places where you needed to
be reminded of the thesis? Do you see places where the thesis begins to become more complex?
2. What connection do you find to our class texts (novels, memoir, handouts, lectures, Cultural
interviews) in this paper. What types of support (using MLA form) could the writer use to
illustrate the concepts and ideas from our course that incorporates ideas from Intercultural
communication, Identity, and themes of Individual growth and change? Do you find
showing/illustrating quotations, paraphrases or short summaries that help the reader?
3. Ask the hard question “so what is this paper trying to do” and answer it here for the writer?
This can help a writer to find places to revise or develop ideas or use support from our class
material. Do you hear a strong writer’s voice—not taken over by quotations--in the paper?
4. Look at the list and check those areas that you see as strong in this paper.
Use of transitions between paragraphs
Clarity of your thesis and coherence of the whole paper
Order and organization of ideas
Use of quotations, paraphrases from texts for support of ideas
Use of sources for support and evidence
Formation of words and sentences for clarity
Mechanics of spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation ________
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